What is this hacking?

What is this hacking? The word "hacking" has a negative connotation to it, especially since the word has been in regular use in the main media since 1980s. There is more to this topic than the word itself.

Hack originated from old English word, haccian, which means cut to pieces. It is also connected to the Dutch word, hakken, and german word, hacken.

Going by the origin of this word, anyone who decipher and segregates processes, and products into parts to understand, and work on changing and/or improving it further could be considered a hacker. Since 1980s, as hacker stories are primarily directed towards computer based hacking, we have this general notion that hacking indirectly refers to computer hacking, though it need not be the case.

A hacker from a computer point of view can be a white hat, black hat, or gray hat. The ransomware is an example involving black hat hackers, and as media directs all their attention on those stories, we just hear about them.

A more detailed story coming soon.

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