#Marie #Curie (Genuine Nobel Laureate)

#Marie #Curie (Genuine Nobel Laureate)


#Marie #Curie series continues #MarieCurie

-First woman to get a PhD in a French University

- First woman to become a Professor in Univ. of Paris

- First Woman to win two Nobel Prizes in the field of Chemistry & Physics

-First woman, and only two time Nobel laureate to be part of a family winning three Nobel Prizes

-Only mother Nobel Laureate to have a daughter, Irene, winning a Nobel Prize

-All these are for genuine contributions (Most important one)

-The research that fetched her, and her husband, Pierre Curie, Nobel prize was done in a shed of their own, and neither the government nor the University funded their work

- For that matter, she was left out from the first Nobel Prize list that included her mentor, Becquerel, & her husband, Pierre Curie. If not for a Mathematics Professor named Gösta Mittage-Leffler, who wrote a letter to Pierre Curie in this regard, along with the support of her husband and her mentor, she would not have been awarded the first Nobel Prize.

- Marie Curie died on July 4th, 1934 (US Independence Day) at the age of 67

- "Marie Curie is, of all celebrated beings, the only one who fame has not corrupted" - Words of Albert Einstein after her death