Answer to the earlier post on number of employees in Patron Spirits company

Answer to the earlier post on number of employees in Patron Spirits company
Information on Patron Spirits - For a company that has a revenue of $100 - 250 MM (based on information available from public and reliable sources), a valuation of $5.1B with only 147 employees in US and at most 1000 employees around the world seems way above the general company evaluation, even in the luxury brand category.

What surprises me is that Patron Spirits is the largest player in the Tequila business, with around 70% market share in terms of sales amongst the major players. If this evaluation appears to be high, think about the $1B for Clooney Tequila.

(I am a fan of Mr. Clooney, and this analysis stems strictly from facts - this is not a complaint against Clooney or Patrons, but this is shared to revisit our thinking process - this kind of evaluation appears to be in line with "Biggest Loser" competitors ballooning up again from temporary fixes during the reality show.)

By the way, do you know a top professor and mentor of Google Founders, Dr. Rajeev Motwani was found in his swimming pool dead supposedly from alcoholic binge? (More about this story soon)

As mentioned earlier, if fundamentals of finance, accounting, business management, business ethics, and economics is not going to be in play, what is the point in offering degrees revolving around these areas, and wasting time, along with loading student debt. May be, skipping this step will save trillions of dollars around the globe, and people could just follow the politicians, reality and movie stars in Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms rather than educating themselves.

This is not to imply that we need to be averse to stars in any channel, or form. Instead, we could learn a lot from talents in any sector. For that matter, my father's hobby was acting, and he would have acted in around 1000 stage dramas, and improved on his sense of humor through this art form. Our point being that, let us invest time on learning while investing time following others.


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